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We don't have dental coverage and we needed some treatment as we've been having major tooth issues. I kept putting off scheduling a dentist visit because the costs are outrageous and with 3 small kids and a single income family, we are on a tight budget.

I was recommended to Carefree Dental by a friend and had never heard of it before. My dentist took the coverage, and we were able to save several hundred dollars and get the work done that we needed. This company is wonderful and has been an absolute lifesaver to our family.

I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. I can't get over how wonderful it has been and how much it has helped my family!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carefree Dental Dental Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Carefree Dental Pros: Excellent service.

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its obvious when the comments are coming from the carefree itself. this is another scam, there are hundreds of scammers doing the same thing claiming you will save money.

It is not dental insurance!

they are not regulated either. they are a foreign offshore scammer

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