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I inquired about Carefree Dental last November, but decided not to follow through, and did not submit ANY financial authorization. Fast forward to February 24th 2017 with me, reviewing my card information, I discovered that this company, Carefree Dental, had somehow aquired my debit card information, and, without any electronic, verbal, or written authirization from me, debited their monthly fee from my card.

If I felt I would be able to pay their fee, plus a dentists' fee, I would've done it in November 2016. I have been eecivering from a concussion, and know WITHOUT A DOUBT that I didn't give them any info, for I couldn't use my phone half of the time. I demand a FULL refund of their illegitimatley aquired fee of $15.95 to me, Miss Tanya Kim Dixon of Kansas City, Missouri. I will also be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

Respectfully, Miss Tanya K. Dixon

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Thanks for the info. I won't even call.

I knew it was a scam when they said you could use it at any dentist. There is no dental insurance that all dentists accept.


You got scammed. Sorry Ms.

Dixon I am for real.

Anyone who gives their information to someone without seeing them or an actual contract is simply delirious to the world we live in today. Please do not be this gullible....

@Bob from Corporate

Someone deleted my first comment so hopefully this stays

@Bob from Corporate

Exactly. Anyone can obtain a toll free number and set up a call center.

You have no idea who you are giving your information to.

They can do anything they wish with your information; including selling it or identity theft. That's why I do NOT call ASOTV commercials.


They are a complete scam haha they ask for all your info and don't give you anything. Another phishing scam that people are sadly dumb enough to fall for.

Sorry Ms. Dixon I am for real.

@Bob from corporate

Wow so "bob from corporate" just convinced me to not even consider this. I get saying to not give people your info without reading up on anything but that was just rude and completely unprofessional. If this is the type of people they allow to answer concerned customers that they are not the company I want to give a cent to.


Well all I have done so far is give them my address to receive my info packet, but I don't like how she asked 4 my DOB but wldn't answer any of my questions-just said my packet will answer everything. All I asked was is there is a waiting period before I could use it.

& because she wouldn't answer me, is the reason I will probably opt out! My dentist & eye doctor suggested awhile back to just save up the money cause what companies pay is close to nothing since this mess started with insurances & healthcare-sad!


Forget the BBB---they are useless for this. Just dispute the transactions with your card company and hope for the best, altho you do understand now why using a debit card is so very dangerous, don't you?

There is no way they could have gotten your debit card info without you giving it to them. Start using a credit card if you feel the need to pay digitally.


Agree! BBB is a SCAM itself!

They're useless & profit FROM the business UR going to "report", as the businesses pay the BBB annual membership fees. And, I find it really suspicious that all businesses state that have an "A" rating with the BBB.


To H Kitchner. If u dont know why they did that then i guess u dont have that issue. Having belief is not their fault but is the fault of whoever ripped them off

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