On TV this co. States their card will save you at the dentist today and that it's free to start with.

This is not so. I called Carefree Dental, had to pay $45 approximately, and went to see a dentist the next week. Not being able to find a nearby dentist that accepted their "dental plan". I contacted their customer service and was pointed to a specific dentist in my neighborhood.

They did tell me to verify he accepted Carefree Dental. The receptionist said they did, however, I ended up getting examined and charged $100 because in fact the dentist Carefree referred me to did not accept their plan. Carefree Dental refused to give me a refund of my $45 and cancelled my account at the end of our nasty discussion.

I would not recommend the Carefree dental plan to anyone, unless you just like spending money for nothing. --Rkymtngrl99@***.com

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Hope Mills, North Carolina

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Same thing happened to — Carefree recommended dentists don’t really take it —the same company from their five star review says they’ve never heard of Carefree.


Terrible plan, I paid $400.00 the last two years they said my dentist was in the network when I went to use it my dentist would not honor it. Care free representive told me dentist can opt.

out anytime and no one has to let you know, but you keep paying until you go to use it than you find out. No reimbursement.

So whoever gets to use carefree with their dentist can thank those of us who get jeapped out. My husband will be reporting them too the better bussiness, Not a happy camper


You have to ask if they take your payment /discount card b4 you go into the exam room! NOT their fault if you did not ask 1st!


WOW, you are unable to read and/or ignorant! The commenter CLEARLY stated the receptionist said they accepted!


Thanks for letting.me know i was about to join.but im not.


Thanks. I say the commerical and was about to join.

I have ZERO $$ to waste.

Did you ever find a plan that worked for you??? Wondering in FL.

@Abdel Sck

Thank you was going to join because i need dental work bad


Thanks for the heads up. I just subscribed, but I'm going to cancel right away.


What was the $45 for. I thought you only had to pay $15.95 a month?


Sorry, currently have none to offer as they all appear to be lying criminals!




WOW! Thanks a million, I thought about going with this plan but I'm just going to have to stick with Physician Mutual, at least they're real, however, I still have to wait a whole year to use their plan because of my pre-existing condition.


Physicians Mutual is also a scam. Known not to pay out as benefit plan says.


I do have a carefree card but i want to find a Dentist that will pull my teeths


I started to go with Carefree Dental, but changed my mind. I had entered a few of the required fields online (name, address, email address, phone number) and then decided to do a little more research before going with them, so I hit the cancel button.

Ever since then, I have been flooded with emails, phone calls and mail, even though I unsubscribed in my email, told them over the phone I am not interested and have returned mail letting them know not to send anymore.

DO NOT ever enter information in any of the form fields for ANY product or services unless you are sure you want it. They still receive your info even if you cancel out and never hit the submit button.


It’s all about mor money


Send them notice to cease all contact with you, let them know this is your final request before contacting a lawyer. This will stop all contact from most companies, if it does not stop follow though and contact a lawyer. Be sure to keep detailed records of all contacts and copies of everything you can emails, letters, text messages, ect.


Thank you i didn’t know that because i erase the field and never submit


I paid on the Carefree dental for six months. I called and asked if my dentist was covered and they said he would be covered through Aetna.

I had my teeth and X-rayed and was going to pay and Carefree said my dentist was not covered. I had my eyes checked and it was the same deal.

They said he was not covered. I turned them over to my bank.


Saw commercial and sent for free card, immediately started getting request for payment. Received card in mail but after doing some research on this company now realize that it is not worth the grief.

Destroyed card and notified company to cancel account opened to issue "free card". No payments being set to this place; never used the service, never will; if something sounds too good to be true, it isn't worth your time or grief.

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