Jessore, Khulna

As a kid, I never had straight teeth, but I never really thought about it. As I got older, my problem grew from cosmetics to actual medical issues. I kept chipping my teeth because they were out of alignment.

So as an adult, my dentist told me that I needed a set of braces. Honestly, I was confused and put off… who the heck gets braces as an adult? Also, who the heck can afford braces?!

But like I said, I kept chipping my teeth, which was painful to experience and expensive to fix. I saw an ad for CF Dental and decided to sign up.

I got my card in the mail and I called my dentist. He said that they take the card and there’s a contracted discount. In my case, I saved around 40%, which was a few hundred dollars.

I wasn’t so sure about the CF Dental card, but I know it works. I just hope my braces work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carefree Dental Dental Service.

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